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Estate Planning
Jackson MS Estate Planning Attorney

“Estate Planning” once meant drafting a “simple” will. No longer. Today a comprehensive estate plan for future personal and family security will include:

  • Reviewing the forms of property ownership and their effects on intended disposition of assets within the family
  • Preparing appropriate wills, revocable “living trusts”, and other trusts for distribution of assets to family at death
  • Preparing appropriate health-care directives (for medical and health-care decision-making) and durable general powers of attorney (for financial affairs decision-making), to permit decision-making by others in the event of incapacity
  • Preparing a special needs trust if planning involves a spouse or child with a disability
  • Addressing specific client circumstances, such as timing and method for distribution of assets to young adult children, trusts for “stretch-out” of IRAs and retirement accounts, and provisions for children of prior marriages and current spouses
  • Reviewing (and revising if necessary) IRA and retirement account beneficiary designations
  • Identifying and applying for any public benefits to which the client may be entitled (such as Social Security, SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, and Veteran’s benefits)

We help “Baby Boomer” and older clients chart a course for future security.

As part of our Estate Planning services for you, we will:

  • identify family and financial circumstances that will affect your planning, including children with disabilities and problems of caring for aging spouses or parents
  • educate you about confusing options, including living trusts and other trusts, annuities, long-term care insurance and forms of property ownership
  • map out a plan that will meet all your needs and obtain the necessary supports at the right times
  • draft all legal documents needed to implement your plan for a secure future, and
  • locate additional available resources that will meet future needs as they arise



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